October 17, 2008

Drinking Your Ale, Mating With Your Females

A mere 15 hours ago Zoltrog engaged your earthly social scene. Zoltrog and a human companion ventured out into the night searching for vendors of ale. Most of Earth's ales are better suited as habitats for the squid prison guards of Wocktun IV. Though your ale may be purer than their current homeworld habitat! Zoltrog kids.

I find your females troublesome. Even after much inebriation, my mating calls went unanswered and my aroused mating dance was not complimented by any female counterpart. Had Zoltrog been on his home world of Kroglovia, after mating with hundreds of seed-recipients, I would have had to beat away remaining females with a long wooden offensive device.

But all is not lost. I did attract the attention and telegraphic number of one female. She scribed her name and number on this square cleansing napkin. Her name is "Jenny," and the coordinates of her telephone are 867-5309.

However, uncertainty remains. Does Zoltrog wait two solar cycles to engage in communications with this female, or does Zoltrog wait three solar cycles?

End communication.

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