October 23, 2008

Potential Future Earth Leader Sarah Palin

Zoltrog watches much of Earth's cathode ray tube technology dispatches. Lately the majority of these transmissions have been focused on the happenings of Earthling Sarah Palin, a human seeking power in your United States.

There is much controversy concerning this female Earthling's human-clothes. Some suggest the cost of these human-clothes is in direct conflict with her previously stated musings on the topic of human finance. Her human-clothes are valued at 150,000 of your United States Earthling dollars, a cost likely unattainable by Mr. and Mrs. Average Human Standard.

The debate is reminiscent of Zoltrog's rise to power on Kroglovia. Members of the opposition attempted to implement a ragnacrog and heave Zoltrog out of Grofblak. But those individuals are now spending eternity on the torture planet Painulon VI.

Not to be confused with Painulon III, the planet where ecstacy of the human mind is as much a constant as gravity or electromagnetism, and bunny rabbits run across rainbows toward lollipops.

This Palin creature does not seem capable of smiting foes. But make no mistake! Cross me, Earth-men and -women, and you too will become a resident of Painulon VI! Not Painulon III, for that is where I will maintain a permanent residence, watching through a telescope your unending journey of pain.

End communication.

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