October 20, 2008

Pro-America Versus Anti-America

Such a topic seems insignificant to a being who has traveled so many lightyears and has seen so many worlds, but since I have made this bordered landmass called America my home, I will grant you the honor of heeding my words on the issue.

From my awesome understanding of your primitive world, and given the rules and regulations of your government-endorsed documents, I believe the debate to be nonsensical. The correct stance is neither for nor against America. Surely you are for the landmass in which you inhabit, but also you will not be in total agreement in all of the time you inhabit said landmass.

But as has been stated previously, the debate has no function. For whether you are for America or against America, you will no doubt bow down to the soldiers of the Flargtrovian system when they have arrived to enslave you a mere 58 Flarg cycles from now!

Debate away, American Earthlings! Mwahahahaha!

End communication.

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