November 10, 2008

Human Obama's Challenges Ahead Are Great

Much has been made concerning Human Barack Obama's path ahead. It is paved with a material which may be characterized as a concoction of uncertainty and some type of primitive Earthly silicate compound.

But the challenges I raise are not of this third planet of your Solar System (which we on Zoltrog's home planet of Kroglovia refer to as the anal cavity of a Yawg-nab rat, mwahahaha). I speak of course of the many warriors of the invading alien force.

Here are just a few of said warriors the Earth people have to look forward to exulting, praising, and potentially mating with as conquerers.

Gah the Many Testicled
Though he is not as large in stature as other warriors, he will defeat you through incessant and high-speed breeding. Your planet's resources will perish at the mouths of the Gah-babies!

Tekkrom the Flatulent
This warriors anal gaseous release has been likened to a black hole. It consumes worlds as a woryyyynock absorbs its siblings to establish dominance! Consider yourself fortunate not to sense Tekkrom's flatulence with your olfactory nerves. You would be long crushed and consolidated by the time your senses could register any odor. But hear this, if you could somehow smell the farts of Tekkrom, your soul would create a type of soul-blood simply for the purpose of your soul bleeding itself dry for the next millenia while you remain in a permanent stasis of pain. Super nice guy, though, that Tekkrom.

Endatron the Never-Dying
Endatron is so dangerous because he simply will not cease to exist! Act or speak in any way that you choose! His life-functions will never come to a conclusion! Perhaps the most humiliating of all deaths, Endatron will out-live you to death.

These is but a few of the many legions of warriors set to invade Earth in the future! Enjoy your precious democratic system, while it still brings you NOT death and destruction, mwahaha!

End communication.

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