November 3, 2008

Vote, Earthlings, Vote!

Those of you sentients in the United States of America must wander to the voting cubicles in one solar cycle. You will cast your vote for human Obama, human McCain, or other humans of third parties who would be better suited for a Loktrog stew. Human Barr, my eyes focus in your direction! You would certainly make a delectable Loktrog stew.

Whoever you vote for, remember that your efforts are futile! Your species will likely be conquered by one of twelve other worlds, all of whom make up the Federation of FLAKBLOT! You may as well stay home and feel your puny democracy crumble beneath the thought of inevitable invasion and enslavement!

Uh... what Zoltrog means to say is vote, Earth people, vote! Mwahahaha, yes, vote your little hearts away! And soon, your bodies also! For parasitic consumption!

Suckle at the teat of your precious democracy before suckling at the teat of Lord Gratrod's many oppressive warrior teats! Oh yes, his teats are a trained warrior force to be reckoned with! Beware! Teats!

End communication.

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