December 16, 2008

The Human Blagojevich

Blagojevich. The human who is being accused of corrupting your political system. His name is both extensive and confusing. Are Earthlings sure that Blagojevich is not actually of the planet Castrogula VI? Noting the image, Blagojevich seems to have the glare and mandibles of a Castrogulan High Priestess.

Zoltrog hopes Supreme Governor Blagojevich exudes the sexual tenacity of a Castrogulan Priestess. From what Zoltrog hears of Earth prisons, he will experience a level of violent, sexual confrontation only a Priestess at the height of her 8 moon breeding cycle could manage.

Kroglovian speed to you, Blagojevich! Mwahahahaha!

End communication.

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