January 29, 2009

Human Rod Blagojovich Proceedings

As puny humans may have knowledge of, Zoltrog provides the news unlike any other being in the universe. Earthen Illinois Governor Rod Blagojovich has been jettisoned out of office by his political colleagues on charges of corruption.

Zoltrog on that day carried two folio news documents in preparation for all possible outcomes. Click on them to enlarge the electronic version of these folios.

The first, the result that transpired in Earthen reality...

The second is a future that never was, but as a Bringer of News, Zoltrog must be prepared for such an event...

What awesome power Zoltrog wields. Zoltrog can feel your jealousy. Zoltrog is currently eating your jealousy for sustenance. Save yourself the trouble and hand over your Earth women now. Mwahaha!

End communication.

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