January 20, 2009

Presidential Inauguration Of Human Barack Obama

Zoltrog is reporting to you puny humans live from Human Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration. And Zoltrog has kick ass seats.

But puny human says...

Oh, is that so, puny human? Zoltrog wishes to make two points. 1) Your death will be slow and painful. 2) Few know the transmogrifying powers of the Kroglovians. Zoltrog has transformed himself into an Earth suit. Zoltrog is being worn by your human Barack Obama as you read this electronic folio! I am the Earth suit viewed in this image...

Let us see your Earthly tailors create comfort and style of that magnitude! Where is your affluence now, puny human?! But enough about puny humans who will be thoroughly tortured. Wheel out all the current and former leaders you wish, Earthlings! In the end, there will be only one leader, mwahaha!


Yes, of course I am referring to Zoltrog. Argh, you cannot comprehend the level doom you will sustain as a species!

End communication.

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