January 25, 2009

Zoltrog Attends A Feature Film And Wishes To Destroy All Humans

Zoltrog journeyed to a local theater of films called Cinemark. Not quite as impressive as the Kroglovian Cinemark, which seats nearly one million Kroglovians per showing, but it achieved its purpose.

Zoltrog was in the process of viewing the Earth film Twilight, featuring Earth hottie Robert Pattinson, when an Earthling entered the viewing chamber. This future Earth slave took occupation of the seat adjacent to Zoltrog.

Why does one insist on occupying the seat directly adjacent to Zoltrog's? What being does that?! There are scores of seats available. Sufficed to say, Zoltrog entered the viewing chamber alone, and Zoltrog exited the viewing chamber alone.

Apologies to the mate or familial contacts of one Gary Bunsen. Human Gary Bunsen will not be returning to his Earth house, or, as Zoltrog gathers from the overriding stench of Human Gary Bunsen, his Earth house constructed from Earth feces.

End communication.

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