January 13, 2009

Zoltrog Calls Into Question The Supposed "Best Job In The World"

Recent news has arisen concerning what is being referred to as the Best Job In The World. Zoltrog takes issue with a statement of such ignorance.

This supposed Best Earthly Job is a misnomer if Zoltrog has ever heard of one. And Zoltrog has heard of one. This one. To sit back lazily in a tropical climate on a landmass surrounded by crystal clear Earth waters? Please, do not make Zoltrog laugh and destroy you and then continue said laugh.

All beings of brilliant intellectual capacity know that the best Earth occupation is the one I will soon hold: Supreme Earth Ruler!

The hours are good. The money is good. Many fringe benefits exist...
  • Zoltrog's own bathroom, created from solidified human tears. Very high end.
  • Unlimited access to Earth's refrigerators.
  • Unlimited access to Earth's human carcasses, conveniently stored in Earth's refrigerators.
  • A corner office in each of the four corners of your globe.

Hmm, Zoltrog sees no corners on your globe. Yet further evidence of your primitive species. A globe without four corners! Who ever heard of such a thing? Argh, Zoltrog is so ready to begin the dooming process!

End communication.

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