March 2, 2009

Zoltrog Haiku

Zoltrog has a sensitive side. It is located in sector 8.55-926 [subroutine 7.32 alpha quadrant] of Zoltrog's anatomical person. Zoltrog wishes to showcase this sector via a poetic Earth musing known as Haiku. It consists of three lines of Earth code of varying but ordered syllabic density. A visual element has been provided.

Zoltrog Haiku


Zoltrog on doomed planet
Living among doomed humans
Human Entertainer Katy Perry must mate with Zoltrog to ensure a satisfactory blend of genetic material and guarantee healthy cross-bred workers for the eventual enslavement of your planet and inevitable end to your way of life

Zoltrog is impressed but incapable of surprise at how easily his preceding Haiku rolls off his many tongues. You are welcome, Earthlings. You are welcome.

End communication.


Syar said...

Zoltrog is scarily good at making awesome GIFs.

Mike Todd said...

Dang, Zoltrog's got some serious skills. Skillz, even.