April 1, 2009

People Of Earth, The Time For Your Destruction Has Arrived!

I, Zoltrog, Supreme Commander of the forces of the Kroglovian Empire am about to carry out the ultimate destruction of your puny planet! Zoltrog warned you for Earth months and you stood by and did nothing! Now, in your final seconds, let your Earth tears discharge, for Zoltrog gains strength and sustenance from Earth tears! Mwahahaha!

And now, visual documentation of a Kroglovian missile from my Z-class flagship laying waste to the anal cavity of the Milky Way Galaxy that is planet Earth!



Mwahahaha! You totally thought your planet had just exploded and that I, Zoltrog, had totally just laid waste to your civilization with my warship! You thought your bones and internal organs had just been cooked instantly in a fire of 10,000 Kroglo-stars!

You should have indeed seen your Earth faces. Your faces were redder than Daktarion afterbirth! Zoltrog is entertained by your gullibility and outright humiliation in succumbing to this farce!

Your puny nature amuses me greatly, both mentally and physically! Mwahaha, stupid Earthlings.

End communication.


Mike Todd said...

Oh, burn! No really, it burns!

Andy said...

Mwahaha, yes, Human Mike Todd! Feel the scorching burn! Your grilled testicles will be a great delicacy back on Kroglovia!