April 6, 2009

Zoltrog's Earth Associate Andy

Zoltrog's Earth associate Andy is pestering Zoltrog about mentioning his joke blog, called "Five Jokes." Please, assist Zoltrog in ridding himself of this parasitic Critonian grotscrod and direct your feeble selves to his feeble attempt at feeble Earth humor.

Five Jokes

Zoltrog's regular journalary device output will commence again in due time. Zoltrog is currently recovering from an over indulgence of Earth ale and an Earth female named Yolanda.

You know things are bad when an Earth female shows you things you have not seen in many millennia of intergalactic brothel visits. The sirens of Tertok 288 would surely blush! Oh, Zoltrog, what were you thinking...

End communication.


Mike Todd said...

Is Zoltrog's plan to take over the universe by leaving behind the smoking remains of hundreds of abandoned blogs? I hope he doesn't start with this one, though I'm looking forward to the five jokes as well. High five. And word.

Andy said...

Negative, Human Mike Todd. This blog will indeed continue on into eternity, leaving all other blogs to crumble in its wake! Mwaahahaha!