November 23, 2009

Zoltrog Finally Does Something About Alien-Hating Human Lou Dobbs

As they pass Zoltrog on the street, humans have inquired, "Zoltrog -- Slayer of Kregblot, Keeper of the chalice of Narnia, Pleaser of so many females of so many countless species and planets -- were you responsible for Human Lou Dobbs' departure from CNN?"

The answer is undoubtedly yes, Earthlings. Human Dobbs made a living damning the existence of aliens like myself (here illegally according to your primitive system of laws). He created suspicion as to the birth place of Human Leader Barack Obama, insisting he was birthed in another country and not in the United States of America of Earth of Milky Way.

In fact, Leader Obama was not even born on your world at all! Yes, why do you think he displays such mass quantities of logic and reason, that he is in possession of such unearthly charisma?

Alas, Zoltrog is responsible for Human Dobbs departure because Zoltrog discovered him to be a human facsimile, a replication, a robot! Human Dobbs was a hollow-husked robot operated by none other than 3 imprisoned aliens! Here a photographic image of the one you call Dobbs...

And now, Earthlings... Dobbs DISASSEMBLED!

How dare you, Human Lou Dobbs, formerly of CNN (pronounced KNNNNNNNNN), now formerly of Humans! If anyone is going to secretly fool Earthlings for the sake of propaganda and eventually world domination, it is going to be Zoltrog!

End communication.

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