February 21, 2010

CPAC Made Zoltrog Feel Right At Home

Zoltrog would like to thank everyone involved with the Conservative Political Action Conference for inviting Zoltrog to speak, and making Zoltrog feel welcome to spread Zoltrog's message of doom and destruction.

Zoltrog wasn't sure it was possible to follow skin-wearer Dick Cheney -- that human caused even Zoltrog to blush! -- but Zoltrog believes his mission to destroy was made clear. Zoltrog was confused however to receive a standing ovation when his speech concluded. Is it customary for humans to applaud death, destruction, or their own impending doom? Sounds like Zoltrog's type of place in which to gather and perhaps take a mate.

Once again, Zoltrog thanks CPAC organizers for their gracious hosting. Zoltrog will give them perhaps a five minute extra head start when Zoltrog's armies swarm Earth like locusts. Zoltrog really enjoyed himself!

End communication.

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