February 7, 2010

Zoltrog Apologizes For Becoming So Inactive

However, just because Zoltrog cannot see his feet as they crush your frail human windpipe does not mean he isn't enjoying the crunch sound in his 7 ears. Yes, you read correctly. Seven ears. Each with the power to destroy whole suns!

That's more barrnok than a flatchmonger on the holy Day of Severed Genitals! Mwahahaha!

So, earthlings, as Zoltrog begins to watch his weight, be sure that you are watching and -- "weighting," mwahahaha! -- for your impending doom! Just as Zoltrog's genitals finally creep over the horizon of his shrinking engorged belly, so too shall the day of your destruction creep ever closer over the horizon of your shrinking future, mwahahaha!

End communication.

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