February 16, 2010

Zoltrog Does Not Understand Your "Day Of Valentine's"

Zoltrog will admit that Zoltrog does not have a complete understanding of all stupid puny Earth things. For example, your stupid puny Earth lives. Why bother having them when they will inevitably belong to Zoltrog? Highly nonsensical.

Zoltrog does not understand the concept of "Valentine's Day." Based on initial observations and calculations, Zoltrog has deduced that Valentine's Day is a celebration of cocoa bean derivatives, the human ventricle-filled heart, and a second being for copulation.

Zoltrog indeed had an Earth female chosen for excessive copulation, but when it came time for Zoltrog to Earth wine and Earth dine said female, she did not react as Earth television commercials and Earth print ads predicted.

Zoltrog is unsure where Zoltrog went wrong. Keep in mind puny humans, Zoltrog, though admitting fault in the understanding of your stupid puny Earth customs, admits no faults, and is in fact without them.

However, something became amiss as Zoltrog presented the Earth female with the following items:

1. Fancy grouping of red colored Earth flowers.

2. Cocoa bean derivatives presented in container shaped like romantic life-sustaining Earth organ.

3. Romantic life-sustaining Earth organ.

End communication.

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