June 5, 2012

Zoltrog Endorses WI Governor And Puny Human Scott Walker

Truly this man understands how to govern with power, authority, and a keen sense of ending Earth as we know it.  For this reason, Zoltrog fully endorses WI Governor and puny human Scott Walker in his battle against a recall effort.

Zoltrog, too, has battled with galactic unions.

For example, Zoltrog wants to build a large death ray, but unions wish to take breaks and not die making this death ray.  Their selfishness is palpable.

Zoltrog wishes to mine all the zoltrinium in existence, but galactic unions insist on being able to make enough to live while not digging for zoltrinium.

Zoltrog hears whining and crying, but what Zoltrog doesn't hear is the excavation of preciously toxic, life-taking zoltrinium!

Yes, it is clear that unions of any galaxy or universe are selfish beings, looking out for only themselves, rather than the greater good of Zoltrog.

When you enter the voting cubicle today, remember these inspiring words:  Do what Zoltrog wants.

End communication.

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