May 21, 2013

Zoltrog Will Step Down As Head Of The IRS – The I.N.T.E.R.G.A.L.A.C.T.I.C. R.E.I.G.N. S.O.C.I.E.T.Y.

It is with great despair that Zoltrog informs you that due to recent events which you may have viewed on the Earth news Zoltrog will be stepping down as head of the I.R.S.

Or the Intergalactic Reign Society.

Or the...
I.N.T.E.R.G.A.L.A.C.T.I.C. (Initiating Now The Earth's Ransackification Galactification And Leveling And Crumbling Totally Into Crumbles)
R.E.I.G.N. (Raping Earth In Great Numbers)
S.O.C.I.E.T.Y. (Social Order of Crashing Into Earth's Tiny Younglings). 

It's the acronymest society in the universe, mwahahaha!

Recently photos came out of Zoltrog performing ---- Zoltrog is an artist, forget not. Zoltrog's agent and puny human Marty Goldstein attempted to have photos, which were not flattering to Zoltrog, taken down from one of the 1 billion Zoltrog fan websites out there.

Many in the public viewed this move by agent Marty Goldstein as restrictive, fascist, or manipulative. And that's exactly the type of character that does well here at Zoltrog Industries. That being said, puny human Marty Goldstein has been fired. Into the sun.

To maintain openness and favor with Zoltrog's hordes or devoted fans, Zoltrog will release said photos, unflattering as they may be, as well as a terrifying virus to show you I also despise you.

Below are the aforementioned photographic recordings:

Judge Zoltrog if you must!  But know this, Zoltrog will destroy you with dance moves as easily as Zoltrog will destroy you with Zoltrog's regular kill moves!  Mwahahahaha!

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