July 31, 2013

Zoltrog Confesses That Zoltrog Did Engage In Earth Sexting With Puny Human Anthony Weiner

Many of the human race have heard the news.  Former Earthling Representative Anthony Weiner was ostracized by your puny human moral compasses --- truly primitive compasses indeed --- after being caught Earth sexting with a female not his significant other.  Earth Weiner was rightfully shamed, but the Earth Weiner got off easy.

In my galaxy, Earth Weiner would have been pummeled again and again with a Kroglovian Hammer of Adultery.  Stroke after stroke after stroke would have been brought upon the Earth Weiner until he was nothing but a flaccid corpse husk.

But Zoltrog is not completely without fault. Hold on, let Zoltrog rephrase that. Zoltrog is completely without fault.  But Zoltrog was the receiver of some Earth sexting from the Human Weiner.

Zoltrog believes in full disclosure.  For example, Zoltrog will destroy Earth, Zoltrog will destroy you and everything you know.  See?  Full disclosure.  With that, Zoltrog presents the following documentation of the exploits of Earth Weiner.

Now, puny humans, let us never speak of it again.

End communication.

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