July 22, 2013

Zoltrog Will Give Birth To Royal Heirs When Zoltrog's Good And Ready

Zoltrog heard all the Earth ruckus about the child born to puny human Prince William and puny human Princess Kate. Zoltrog is sure their new  Earthling child is puny human adorable, but you know what?  Zoltrog doesn't need the added pressure to conceive his own heirs that will one day rule Earth and all who inhabit it!

This includes William and Kate's child, who will indeed be second Earth fiddle to my infinitely more adorable heir!  So there!  Mwahahaha!

Enjoy your royal celebration while it lasts.  When Zoltrog's heirs are born -- and their will be many because Zoltrog has more Earth sex than you can possibly imagine! -- the celebration will eclipse that of your puny puny human royal babies!

And there's going to be Earth cake in the shape of the Earth blowing up, and Earth balloons a-plenty with the Earth on them and they will be popped often, and perhaps even an Earth Moon Walk, which will far surpass the bounciness of any Moon Walk you or your kin could inflate and place in your puny human backyard!

Zoltrog can only laugh at your lack of Moon Walk bounce and plush lawn!



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