August 3, 2013

10 Reasons Why Klortzop Will Never Frebb The Zorpp

Klortzop is always trying to frebb the zorpp!  Right?  It's utterly preposterous!  The idea that the zorpp could be frebbed so easily.  Zoltrog is now tasked with the explanation of why that will never occur within your or any lifetime.  Now, consume!

1.  Uh... duh, because Treggs are frebbing the zorpp constantly?

2.  One number: 34 kekton

3.  No one told the Yyuloshkin Galactic Police Authority there's an unsolved case!

4.  P-Y = DF+R678 ... Mwahahahaha!

5.  What happens in the Bottomless Gort of Tortured Klakzots, stays in the Bottomless Gort of Tortured of Klakzots.

6.  Zorpps don't have the testicles their birthing mates have.

7.  Two rhisdias don't make a gargtrow!

8.  Zorpp?!  They can barely frebb the Thylocks as it is!

9.  Frebbing requires that you have a working quockfottle.

10.  Klortzop, meet gloopthar.

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