Zoltrog Pics LOL

The following photographic media depicts Zoltrog in various states and realities.  Zoltrog added the "LOL" to this page because, from Zoltrog's time studying the human species, LOL is clearly some sort of mark of distinguished supremacy, the Earth cream of the Earth crop if you will, and Zoltrog very much falls within this parameter.  Please, enjoy Zoltrog's photosphere while your puny human eyes still have time to witness things that are not Zoltrog dooming you into oblivion, mwahahaha!

Zoltrog has friends.  Zoltrog is friends.

Zoltroham Lincog

Zoltrog at an Earth Benihana.

Zoltrog growing up.  Dominating Earth little
league, as if there were any doubt.

Does puny human like what he sees?
Zoltrog can make you feel good...
and DOOMED! Mwahaha!

A Zoltrog

Zoltrog will tolerate nothing less than ultimate
comfort while sending your planet to its doom.

Zoltrog winning an Oscar, and also
strangling this small Earth boy

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